Monday, September 10, 2012

Drone for Production

I'm experimenting with the Parrot AR.Drone in order to use it for the "dragon's eye view" in our next movie.
Here you can watch me bash it repeatedly into walls outside my office. Here's my conclusions regarding the onboard camera:
Using the onboard USB stick doesn't really buy you a lot of image quality over what gets recorded via Wi-FI.

  • The image has too much noise to be usable for a dramatic feature.
  • The image distortion on the on-board camera is too much for a dramatic feature. We'll have to mount a GoPro to it.
  • The drone is surprisingly stable in "hover" mode. At least in no-wind interiors.


Kangas said...

I'm finding the low light in the Gopro to be pretty noisy...if you wanna shoot night shots, you're probably gonna have to day-4-night it or deal with huge noise.

Course, I haven't done any intensive tests yet, just running around the house.

Andrew Bellware said...

I think I made sure all of our dragon shots are daytime.
I am wondering how I'm going to mount the GoPro on the drone. We'll find out.