Friday, December 10, 2010

Two Bottles of Vodka

Tomorrow is the wrap party for Earthkiller. I have two bottles of vodka, a blender, and a whole bunch of frozen fruit chunks.
But if we don't have sandwiches my tummy will riot like English schoolchildren in London.
Also: hummus.
Having the party so close to Christmas is kind of weird. And because of the acting lifestyle we're having the party in the middle of the afternoon. Normally we go for a Sunday afternoon but not this time.
Did I mention we have a blender? I actually borrowed it from my parents. How dorky. Not as dorky as my permanent solution which is to get my stepmom's old blender she had in her old apartment and doesn't want anymore.
You'd think that most discussion about blenders on this blog would be about, well, Blender.


Kangas said...

Wrap party? Who has time/money for a wrap party? I didn't have one on my last flick, and since we're shooting the new flick until 2032 I don't think we'll have one then either.

But I would totally come to your wrap party if you didn't live in New York, 'cause I like chicks in leather with guns.


Andrew Bellware said...

We shall raise our glasses of frozen cocktails to you good sir!

Kangas said...

Even better if you could have all the ladies disrobe first, and then take a picture of the toast.

Have fun anyway!

Andrew Bellware said...

I could only get all the men to disrobe so I figured you didn't want a picture of that. ;-)