Sunday, December 12, 2010

Rap Pahrtay

Having failed miserably at providing a re-write of the Earthwar screenplay today, I did instead throw a shebang of a party in exciting Jersey City. It was the wrap party for Earthkiller and it involved not nearly as much the act of drinking alcohol as I would have normally expected but instead the consumption of a LOT of fruit from groovy little frozen fruit - pouches which made for tasty blended drinks.
The secret is a dash of real maple syrup. Rik Nagel showed me that trick, I can't take credit for it.
And just think, we may have been all vegan an the shindig.
I don't have any pictures to prove that we had a party. I don't even have Maduka's fabulous patented "wrap party video" he made. I am, however, incredibly tired. We had Joe and Libby and Maduka and Alana and Robin and Anthony and Die Koenigin Mars and Montserrat and Katie and Kristin. I'll put up Maduka's video sometime soon. Just as soon as he says I'm allowed to.
Conversations were all about peace and love and how awesome the Road Warrior screenplay is and Nigerian cinema and Buffy. There was also a divergent path where I blamed Jane Austin for making writers think they could write about nothing just because she was so good at writing witty prose without a huge plot and other writers should know they simply can't do it without adding zombies. But that's a whole 'nuther post.

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Laura, Queen of Mars said...

And thanks to Joe & Libby for my delicious Bailey's!