Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sound and Picture

Dig it: Ian Hubert's new VFX reel.

There's a shot from Clonehunter in there!
I sure miss working with Ben Sulzbach. He went home to the Midwest. A still from Alien Uprising
Sound & Picture has an online version of its magazine. There's a whole article on Modern Family sound recording. Nothing too illuminative but you'll note I mentioned their sound in another post.


joe said...

man, that dude has an awesome reel!

Andrew Bellware said...

Right? I know!

Kangas said...

That's a great reel. I have an FX budget of about $35--what can he do with that? :)

Andrew Bellware said...

Hey, Blender 3D is free. You can spend six thousand or so hours learning it and you can make spaceships like crazy! ;-)