Friday, May 8, 2015

Just some notes for myself

Tomorrow we have the biggest gang on-set that we get on this movie. I think it's the biggest gang. Steve Niles, who wrote this picture, did a brilliant turn yet again where he keeps the ensemble down low, to a real small number of cast. In this case there are only six speaking roles. Many days only have two characters on set. But tomorrow is the big action scene at the end.
So I gotta pick up a minivan. Somebody remind me to make sure I bring my EZPass.
One shot. Two Ian Hubert models. 

You know what's really been working for me? Having a Kindle with the script and the call sheet(s) on it. I never make any notes in the actual set script so just having easy access to everything all at once in a compact form is really the way to go. Plus, you know, page turns are quiet and don't wreck sound takes.
I have in mind two reshoots. Three. Three reshoots. And one additional scene. Two. Two additional scenes.

  1. There's a closeup of Warfield where we missed the focus.
  2. An insert of the control panel which wasn't long or steady enough.
  3. The part where Cameron and Sagan walk in needs another take for focus. 

  • I want a pretty pan showing Sagan sitting in her place in the other hallway.
  • I want to try go get a show of Sagan and Cameron coming in the actual front door. We may use the "elephant set" at Joe Chapman's. We'll see how that works for us. I'm worried about getting enough light on the green screen. 
Also, I'm going to spend a couple minutes actually setting up the Tascam 680 sound recorder. Because I really haven't done that on this movie and I feel kinda stupid about it. 
Oh, and we need mug shots and 3D readiment shots of the android just... to have.
What else? Lithium AA batteries are doing a bang-up job on both transmitters and receivers. The Lectrosonics transmitter has a reputation for eating batteries but it's been working pretty well. I do wish we had a Sanken COS 11 for that transmitter though. I'm getting a bit tired of the boxy sound of the PSC Millimics -- even if the PSC's are relatively immune to clothing rustle. 
Oh look, we're 5 days away from the Cannes Film Market.

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