Sunday, May 3, 2015

1401 Day Six

This is the movie we're making. Bob Teague. Amanda Sayle.
Day six puts us past the halfway point, doesn't it?
I actually already have about 7 minutes cut together. It really helps in post to be a bit fanatical about cutting in-camera.
Bob Teague at the chess board.
We've been using the Letus Helix the last few days. Yeah, you can get it to do what you want. It's still fiddly. And you can get it to do the dolly-move things you're looking for. It's not easy though. We did get some nice pushes with it.
Bob Teague being menaced by an android (Amanda Sayle).
We've had a number of failures with hazers. My nice Le Maitre hazer has decided to not work again. I bet it's the dang thermostat on the thing that's broke (again). Which is really obnoxious because it hasn't really worked since Prometheus Trap and we even sent it back to the factory for repairs.
The haze though, in general, does seem to mess with autofocus. But you know what my new favorite thing is with focus? Peaking on the monitor. I do so love how the monitor lights up with what's in focus. It makes pulling so so so much easier because it's dancing. If you've never seen it or used it you just gotta try it. Especially when I don't have my glasses and I'm looking at a monitor at the wrong distance or with a wrong diopter or what-have-you.

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