Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Roll With the Shutter

Cinema5D did a rolling shutter comparison of a bunch of cameras.

There are interesting tests between the GH4 and the GH3. At 4K the GH4 actually performs a bit worse than the GH3 but to my eye it seems less "liquid-y".
Phillip Bloom on the GH4.
At one point I had found a thing which gave the equivalent rolling shutter speed for motion-picture film with a 180-degree shutter. Because there is a little bit of "rolling shutter" on old-fashioned chemical film. But for the life of me I can't find it.
Sunrise and sunset times in Denver, CO.
Over the years I've gotten in more and more trouble for stuff I post on this blog. I keep being surprised at who reads it. I'll probably end up putting more troublesome stuff on Pleasure for the Empire. "Troublesome" in this case simply means more information about what I'm doing.


Kangas said...

Nothing about that test bothers me--I really can't see much difference, and that's never been my main problem with the rolling shutter, which is the jello effect.

I haven't had time to do tests with it, but again, if I only get it on a couple of shots I can fix it no problem using the AE fix.

And I was also thinking about how funny it is that we're all so picky on these cameras--like 10 years ago we would have KILLED for any of them. We just wanted something that didn't look like video!

Andrew Bellware said...

You can't prove I killed anybody. All I did was press a button. Over and over again. I got us all these cameras!
Those tests look really nice. And although they haven't SOLVED rolling shutter on these CMOS cameras, boy they sure have put in a lot of fix.
I already have a nice lens for the camera. I already have spare batteries... I know.