Monday, April 13, 2015

Varl Gets a Gun

I don't even know what this is (other than it's a .68 caliber paintball gun). The three "barrels" (one is the magazine, the other is the pressure-thingy, and the middle is the actual barrel) are ridiculous and make it nigh-on impossible to holster. But the Blade-Runnery look of it is really nice. I got it a while ago off of eBay.
I have so much paperwork to do. Next week we go into production. We flopped the whole schedule recently to do some upgrades on the set, so we're going to Colorado first. We're shooting with the Blackmagic 4K in CO. I have to now re-send the shoot dates to the insurance company.
Like a total bozo I'd forgotten that Varl has a gun. I mean, he wields it all over the place in the script. But me? I totally forgot that. Luckily we have the perfect weapon for a fellow like him. Now we just need to figure out how to holster it.

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