Monday, September 15, 2014

How Should Your Android Look Today?

As we frequently do, we need an android.
At first I was down with this pseudo-nude look. Making the skin look like this would be hard. And the reflective metal pieces would make movement a nightmare.
Trying to figure out what an android in our next movie should look like. Oof.
This armor is hard but maybe not impossible? Perhaps with a base of motorcycle armor and foam-filled cloth pieces and rubber sections it would work. I particularly like the piece over the abdomen and the neck section.
The base mesh is, to me, the tricky part on this costume. Plus, of course, getting it to not gather and wrinkle at all -- that's very tricky. The breast pieces don't work for me, but I do dig the tank-driver's helmet and the way it connects.
I also particularly like the pieces on the upper thighs. Getting them to not gather and flop when the actor walks will be tricky but they look great.


Joe Falcon said...

Makeup, maybe an appliance, bad synthetic wig. It depends on context and how much of the gynoid you see. I mean you can do simple flat silicone appliances that give the hint of seam lines.

Kangas said...

Naked. Naked woman. Someone calls her android. That's how you know she's an android. You save tons of time and money, plus have a naked woman in the movie.

You're welcome.

Andrew Bellware said...

Cheap short wigs are what we do!
The appliances might work, it sounds like a huge amount of prep. The trick is that for most overseas distribution we will need her nethers to be invisible, so I kinda liked the stainless steel underwear, although I think that would be almost impossible for her to move around in.
So maybe if it were just one scene we could do it. One nude android for one scene.

Kangas said...

Just say her nether regions are covered by a triangle of hair-colored metal. Another quick fix. Man, I am just a low budget genius!

Andrew Bellware said...

My distributor seems to see through each and every one of those artistic ploys. ;-)

Joe Falcon said...

Silicone appliance or... "The Patch" (a band aide that hides her naughty bits). Really even the euro markets have issues with the nethers or just Asian/middle eastern?

Of course that would make her a "Ken Doll".

Drew, I need context but cheap wigs and flat make up that makes the body look plastic (the opposite of what a make up artist wishes to do.)

The seam lines to look TV passable would be a body cast and then sculpted. But simple flats are doable in silicone. Check with your FX person, they'll give you the 411.

Andrew Bellware said...

An appliance, or just some steel underwear! ;-)
I think mostly Asian markets and American TV (maybe American VOD too?) have issues.
We've been using cheap short wigs since Millennium Crisis. I think they make everyone look great. Maybe I like my androids lookin' plastic? ;-)
Yeah, we're going to have to figure out how much we want to get this look overall. Heck, we could even motion-match and do some CGI...

Joe Falcon said...

Well going for the Barbie doll it's an appliance, or you can do CGI overlay for those markets that require less naughty bits, a uncut and snipped version so to speak. ;)

As far as what you do, make up depends on how much detail is needed, how much is seen, and how long. I mean honestly there are tons of questions to go with it.

Microbudgets can't do a Lucas and have artists draw up thousands of concept sketches and a bunch of aussie FX artists working 24/7 to pop out BG characters with main character level appliances. :o

Jaxon Oakley said...

I love your thoughts.