Monday, July 28, 2014

Solve that Roll

Via Kangas is this kind of brilliant tutorial on correcting for rolling-shutter problems. It's a very wonky solution, and I bet you could do it such that it corrected for each and every line of video which would only drive you very slightly insane. But it's quite brilliant. Yeah, you're not gonna want to do that for a whole feature, but man there's always a couple shots you wish you could do some handheld with that doesn't get all jello-cam on you.


Kangas said...

Crazy, huh? I'm definitely going to use it for this short I'm about to do. At least I don't have to sweat the rolling shutter--if it means enough to me, I just gotta bite the bullet and do this fix, right?

Andrew Bellware said...

Yeah you should be able to set up a template in AfterEffects which works for your camera and then all you need to do is import and replace the footage.
You might be able to do the math and figure out the time lag on any particular camera...
It would be easier if you could move picture less than one frame! ;-)