Saturday, October 19, 2013

Shoot the Robot Day

Jeff Wills came by, and he totally brought bagels. Because of his intrinsic awesomeness.
You're asking "Hey, isn't that the robot hand Brian Schiavo made for Angela Funk in Clonehunter?" The answer is yes. Yes it is.

Our location has some interesting geography which we'll have to use in order to shoot the picture.
 Jeff and I both wore our "Kill 'Em All!" t-shirts because we were dorking out anyway.
Jeff's physicality is perfect for this character, isn't he?
This is not color-corrected. I really can't imagine what sort of cc we'd want to do to this image? Desaturate it very slightly? I don't know. I think this just might be how the movie looks. 5300K color balance on the GH3.
Blind in one eye is worth the look of the awesome backlighting of the right eye.
 We're all adults here (or not). We know that I invited Jeff over to play robots with me.
The last thing you will ever see.
It may end up being better to put a radio inside the helmet so that it's easier to talk to the actor inside. That's a thing we learned today.

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