Sunday, October 13, 2013

Dead Residents Day 2

My plan to front load the shooting of this movie with very simple days is working so far. Today was the Don Arrup day where we get to kill him (we've killed Don Arrup a lot in our lives. We even got to whack him as Polonius. ;-)
The nanobots in your brain are getting hungry.
 The set was built by Marcie Kintish. I'm not entirely sure what Don is wearing -- it may be pieces of a Prometheus Trap costume. Although it might be from Alien Uprising. I suppose I should have asked.
Everyone looks awesome on night-vision cameras, right?
Oh. Darn-it-all. I forgot to take "mug shots" of Don's character, Blink. Dang nab it. We absolutely have to remember to do that for each character. Somebody remind me next time.

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