Monday, May 20, 2013

It'll eventually have to happen

Right now we edit on Final Cut Pro 7.
But soon. We will have to hop off the FCP train.
Where does that leave us? I think not Avid. The only other option is Adobe Premiere.
One new advantage that Adobe has is this Adobe Anywhere thingy. My nominal complaint about these kinds of technologies is that they're tested under very weak conditions; commercials, music videos, and other short projects. A feature film is another ball of rabbits -- even at the low shooting ratios we tend to use. But being able to have multiple editors working on stuff simultaneously is rather intriguing. That is, if I could get multiple editors to work at the same time! ;-)
So. Yeah. I dunno. I suspect we're going to finish off this movie in Final Cut Pro.


Kangas said...

Ironic that this is the first FC post of yours where I will not pimp Premiere, because of their stupid decision to go only online-license one day, when the CS6 package is out of style, I will find a new program to edit with...

Andrew Bellware said...

I'm actually totally down with the subscription model of Adobe.
I just have to find out if Adobe Anywhere actually works.

Kangas said...

I really don't understand why anybody would be down with the plan. For instance--let's say you're on a deadline--you're working to finish editing--and you lose your internet connection?

And besides that little problem, I just can't understand paying $50 a month to not own something. I'm "renting" the program, but on MY machine? It's fucking ludicrous.

So I'll just wait and see what happens. I mean, CS6 will clearly work for the next 3 years at least(for my purposes)--I could be dead by then and won't worry about it.

Or maybe I'll finally check out Vegas--some of my friends swear by it.

Andrew Bellware said...

Vegas is cool. Vegas is nice. I'm scared of trying to do a feature-length project on it.
OMF export is very critical to my being.
I know, renting doesn't seem as nice as owning. But unless I pirate, it's about the same price as owning and updating. I'm not bent out of shape by it.

Kangas said...

Get bent! :)