Monday, May 13, 2013

Day 2 1301

Checking the door. Kate Britton reflected as she looks at Brianna June Trillo.
I was too tired last night to post much.
A peita of Brianna.

Brianna June Trillo c'est morte.

I used Libby's GH2 today believing that the camera has less noise. We shot everything on a 25mm lens which would open up to something crazy like f1.4.
Steven J. Niles, Mark Marcarian, and Kate Britton.

Steve Niles interrogates Kate Britton.

Jared Van Heel and Kate Britton.

Mark Marcarian and Julia Rae Maldonado.

One thing I did NOT do correctly is that I ended up shooting stills in only RAW format. So to upload these pictures I had to use Silkypix to batch process them.

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