Sunday, December 2, 2012

Day 8

We murdered and wrapped a number of people today. Stupidly, I just realized I hadn't formatted the card we shot on, so I simply added today's shooting to last week's shooting on the same CF [ed note: what am I saying? It's an SD] card. To which I say "derp".
Julia Rae Maldonado enters the "tent".
At first we were going to try to make a tent. Because Steven J. Niles when he re-wrote the script put in a tent. As of last week I was all like "Nah, let's just use the break room and it'll be more like a shack." Well that didn't happen either because the break room was a little too gross even for me.
Steve Deighan as Gregor, after being rudely awakened in his own home.
But there's another break room outside of the regular one. And so we used that. And changed nothing. The best part is that there are actual swords on the wall. That's not the art department. They were already there.
Steve Deighan, Annalisa Loeffler, Julia Rae Maldonado. This is how we get down.
We shot two days' worth of stuff today. Well, what we had originally scheduled for two days in one day.
Dave Chontos as Cragnorak with anonymous soldiers in the background (Nat Cassidy and Tom Rowen.)
We moved to prime lenses when we moved to the fabricating shop. Mostly using a 28mm but in a couple shots we used a 50mm (on the micro 4/3rds Panasonic GH1). We're not quite wide open. Er. I should have paid more attention but probably around an f2.8? That's my guess.
Nat Cassidy, a friend, and Annalisa Loeffler.
This is the last day at the shop. We move to somewhat more luxurious environs from here on out.
Annalisa got herself straight-up murdered.
Stupidly the diopter wasn't set properly on the GH1. Or it got bonked out of my prescription. It makes it hard to focus. And it takes me a little while to realize that no, it's not my eyes. It's just the screen I'm looking at. Hmm... sure hope all my footage is in focus.
Nat creeps all over the green-blooded Julia.

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