Sunday, December 16, 2012

Abbey Singer Day

Today we shot our second-to-last day of the Dragon picture.
Andrew Bellware, looking about a hundred years old here.
 John Dillon was our cameraman today. The Martian Queen handled art (and mustaches), whilst Tom Rowen was 1st AD/sound/bubble tea acquirer.)
I got this watch just for this movie. I was all about getting a closeup of it.

Andrew Bellware (The Monk) and Nat Cassidy (Reynard) look at a vial of dragon's blood.
We shot in a corner of the Forbidden Palace. We forgot spirit gum remover but that doesn't seem to affect me because the mustache just won't stay on anyhow.
Meredith Newman is the reason my character is called "The Monk" in the first place. Which, in turn, inspired us wearing monk's robes. Which, in turn, made the whole movie much better. ;-)


Kangas said...

The sub-title of that first picture should be: "What do you mean, "It's on the torrents"?

Andrew Bellware said...

Ha! You're right. That's the dude who beats up kids who downloaded the movie from Pirate Bay and then wrote snarky comments on YouTube. ;-)