Sunday, August 7, 2011

Slurring Through Quality Control

I gotta batch convert some screen grabs. A lot of screen grabs actually. Our rep wants 300dpi images at "8x5 / 9x6 horizontal or vertical.
A 1920x1080 image is indeed 6.4 inches wide. But graphics designers tend to hate 72dpi images. Apparently this is just a change of metadata but the only way I know of to do it is to change the "image size" in Photoshop.
I'm doing a quality control listen to the M&E tracks of Earthkiller. I'm making sure there is no dialog on the track 'cause that would suck. If there were, we'd have to re-do the movie and that would cost money.
Yesterday Maduka, Robin Kurtz, the Queen of Mars, and I did the commentary track for Earthkiller. I have no idea what happened to me but not having eaten beforehand and then drinking too much alcohol is not good for one's ability to speak clearly. Apparently. So I slur through the whole thing.

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