Sunday, August 7, 2011

Play the Pandora Machine

Pandora Machine's friends have four plays with nominations for IT Awards this year. Congratulations all!

Original Short Script
Vincent Marano, My Baby, Ingenius Short Play 
Vinnie is a great guy and he's been improving my taste in Whiskey. He's also a brilliant playwright. He plays an evil man in Clonehunter.

Solo Performance
Nat Cassidy, Things At The Doorstep: An Evening of Horror Based on the Works of H.P. Lovecraft, Manhattan Theatre Source, Greg Oliver Bodine, and Nat Cassidy

Nat Cassidy and Greg Bodine are both awesome. They've been in our last few movies.

Actress in a Featured Role
Lauren Roth, Billy Carver and the Children in Mind, OptiMystics

This was a Montserrat Mendez show. 'Twas great. Mozz wrote Earthkiller and starred in Clonehunter.

Our producer, the Queen of Mars, stage-managed this show:

Performance Art Production
(un)afraid, New York Neo-Futurists
Sound Design
Christopher Loar, (un)afraid, New York Neo-Futurists

In fact she stage-managed Things at the Doorstep and the "encore" version of "My Baby".

An another Pandora Machine regular:
Heather E. Cunningham, David Ian Lee, Matthew Semler and Kristen Vaughan, Benefactors Retro Productions

David Ian Lee has been in our last three pictures and he wrote (with Nat Cassidy) the movie Android Insurrection.

Do I take credit for all their nominations and fantastic work? Why yes, yes I do.

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