Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sheet Beat

The best thing, to me, about using the Blake Snyder 15-point beat sheet (with the 5-point finale) is that as one is writing a script it's easy to know where you are.

Do you ever look at the counter on the DVD player when watching a movie, or the clock when watching TV, and say to yourself "Where are we in this thing?"
I do that all the time.

The same thing happens to me with screenplays. You work on the thing for so many days that sometimes you can get mentally lost about where in the story you're supposed to be. If you look down and see you're on page 60, they you're all like "Well whew, I can slow down now, this is a quiet part of the picture."
But first, what is the name of this movie?

Dragon War
Dragon Girl
Dragon Mistress

Right now I'm leaning toward Dragon Girl.

Here are my notes on this screenplay.
It's important that Miranda tells Amelia how to operate dragons. The key is that whomever gave the dragon some blood last the dragon is beholden to. And from that previous sentence surely you think "Do NOT let Drew actually write this thing!"

If Amelia has an opportunity to kill Fennec at the beginning of the picture, and doesn't, then it makes sense that Fennec follows her around for the rest of the movie.


Nat said...

Oh, man, I canNOT wait to read this screenplay!

Andrew Bellware said...

For the reasons of the words I put in sentences what are not forwards rather but the other way?