Monday, July 4, 2011

Order from Netflix

Clone Hunter on Netflix
So, you can "pre-book" Battle: New York Day 2 on July 15th. That's only 10 days away! Our official release date is the 23rd of August.
One thing our distributor wants is for us to use teh social medias to push the movie. That's fine by me, I'm willing to Twitterize and Facebookcide the picture.
Pandora Machine on Netflix
Of course, we also need the cast and crew to do the same. Everybody go nuts!
Alien Uprising on Netflix
Our distributor explicitly asks for us to blog/tweet/'book the movie using the Netflix widget.
Millennium Crisis on Netflix
The problem is that Battle: New York Day 2 isn't actually on Netflix's servers in order to let people queue the movie. And Netflix (as a rule) won't buy the movie unless enough people have queued it. It's kind of a beautiful Kafka catch-22 isn't it?
Oddly, I feel fairly certain that Netflix did not pick up Millennium Crisis when it first came out. But they have it now. I don't think Netflix existed when Pandora Machine came out (although I might be wrong about that now that I think about it.)
And that's what's happening on July 4th in the Pandora Machine.


Laura, Queen of Mars said...

Kafka's first book was Catch-22. Right?

Andrew Bellware said...

Yes, it's about a cockroach who bombed a castle on top of a hill...

joe said...

i'm not certain whether or not the two of you are poking fun at someone's lack of knowledge, but if so, here's an amusing story - i took our dog, Beowulf, to the vet a while back, and the doc explained to his techs in a very assured manner that the name was from a play written by Shakespeare. Beowulf and i still chuckle about that to this day. i almost named him Ivanhoe - i suppose the vet might have claimed that it was the name of a native american who was famous for cliff diving.

Andrew Bellware said...

I think that's just Laura making fun of my general illiteracy. That being said, Beowolf has a hearty hearty laugh.