Friday, June 24, 2011

Final Cut Pro has Unexpectedly Quit

You know your software is in trouble when it gets bashed on the Conan O'Brian show:

Apple making the latest version of Final Cut into iMovie Pro is not an immediate panic for us. I'm sure we can ride out Final Cut Pro 7.x for the rest of the year or, heck, even into next year.

I'm just going to go ahead and quote PSA from his response to the post below:
i need to upgrade my machines before worrying too much about the software side. from what i've been reading, the most recent version of premiere, cs5.5, is much more stable. given a box with a mercury capable card, it should chew through huge projects with relative ease, not to mention all the dslr codecs being native. as for final cut ex, it looks a lot like the imovie interface on steroids. me no likey. i was forced to do a job in imovie (so the client's wife could make changes... shudder) and it was a retarded nightmare. a film strip mr jobs, you finally get around to applying the magical shiny miracle rub to the pro-editing wares and you give us a film strip interface? no wonder the BBC ditched apple and put premiere on all of their editing desks.
Being able to work without converting to ProRes has a huge advantage for us. Then I started wondering, "How much does Premiere cost?" And the attractiveness of Adobe Premiere became even greater. You can get Premiere, Photoshop, and AfterEffects from a subscription for $85/month. You can activate the suite on two computers for that price but you can only work on it with one computer at a time. That seems pretty fair.
I know from experience that editors who know one of the programs (Premiere or Final Cut Pro) can jump on the other program very quickly. They're practically the same interface.
I have had very bad experiences with Premiere. Apparently if you type "Adobe Premiere Sucks" into a search engine, one of my posts will come up in the top ten. But I've also gotten it to work. So the program has had it's ups and downs.
And it's not like there isn't a history of Apple telling its professional user base to shove it. Hey -- anybody remember when Apple yanked the SCSI interfaces off their computers even though every graphics professional had a SCSI scanner? Good times.
So we're going to ride out the Applestorm for another year and see what happens.


Lindsay Stewart said...

Well, upon further investigation it looks like apple has completely shit the bed with Final Cut EX. OMF/AIF export... gone. XML export... nope, none of that to be had. Open an existing final cut 7 project... nuh uhh! Hows about your plug-ins, you say, sorry but there's no APK for thrid party developers available and no word from the cult in Cupertino on when they might deign to provide their vendors with same. Is the online reaction bad? App Store rating hovering between 2 and 2.5 stars and that's with fanboi team Kool-Aid clicking the 5 as hard as they can. Apple is actually doing refunds for early adopters from the pro community. Oops. Turns out that keeping your wares top secret doesn't work as well for "professional" applications as it does for phones and pocket kruft.

Kangas said...

hahaha, join us on the sweet side! Premiere is so nice now...I only ever have one problem now, but it appears to be Red-centric(every once in a while it "forgets" where 1 or 2 clips are, so I have to relink...but it's easy, 'cause when I click on the clip to relink and hit Browse, it always opens the correct folder right away...)

Other than that, it's a beautiful thing man...

Andrew Bellware said...

If Premiere can really import .mts files and it can export OMF, I might find myself going over sooner rather than later.

Kangas said...

I don't know what .mts files are, so can't be sure. If only there were some vast library I could search to find the information, some sort of network that I could perhaps access from my computer! Man, that would be sweet.

Sorry, Lunestra's kickin in! Giddy fun.

Andrew Bellware said...

The good news is that I've confirmed Premiere does indeed read .mts files. But on the dual quad-core Mac I have the playback is awfully blocky.
I don't quite get how Premiere handles double-system sound yet. The manual says something about how (I forget what they call) linked clips are only mono. Which is annoying. In any case, I haven't been able to sync a clip and then get it into the bin as a synced pair yet.
So those are the only problems I've come up with. So far.
Ambien is the shizzle, man.