Friday, June 3, 2011

Earthkiller animator needed

I put this up on a Blender forum:

We're looking for a Blender animator -- specifically someone whose skill set is animating a bipedal creature. We can handle the lighting, compositing, and rendering (but we don't have to if you want to do it ;-). Our regular animator is way too busy right now.
The android Helen in Earthkiller.
Of course we don't have any money, so this is a non-paid position. But there's IMDB credit and whatever footage you want for your reel. If the movie were to do monster business, you'd get a small piece of the back-end, but it's not likely to make that much cash. Just being realistic here.
My science - fiction production company, Pandora Machine, is in post-production on a couple feature films. One of the features, Earthkiller, has some shots of a dinobot that need animating. The "dinobot" is already rigged and ready to go in Blender.
Here's a brief teaser for the movie:
Android with Digital Anarchy's "Beauty Box" applied.
I'd say that the amount of animation is certainly less than 40 hours of work. The dinobot runs down some hallways, it gets shot at, it bites someone, finally it gets thrown out an airlock. We tried to shoot in order to keep the rotoscoping to a minimum, so the dinobot is typically the thing that's closest to the camera. You can see a closeup of the dinobot briefly in the above teaser.
Pandora Machine's "studio" is in a theater in Manhattan. Typically we don't have an open workstation so in addition to exploiting your labor for free, it would be awesome if you could work at your own computer. This is totally a gig which could be done remotely.
If you want to know more about us you can read my (not safe for work) blog at
Our deadline? Boy it would be nice to have this animation finished by the middle of the month. ;-)
Feel free to email me for more information.


Kangas said...

hahahaha, you don't want much, huh? Just fast and for free! :)

And when I hear that part of your teaser, "The End...Is Only The Beginning", I totally see this scene then taking place:

Andrew Bellware said...

Yeah, fast, good, and cheap. That's not too much to ask for!
My thing is that I don't want someone thinking that we DON'T need those things. I just don't want to feed anybody a line of hoo-ha "I'm gonna make you a star, kid, now just clean the bathrooms."

And hey, I ain't got nuthin' to do with the trailers. Although I like this trailer very much, actually.

The best part is that "Not necessarily" at the very end.

Kangas said...

Yeah, the trailer's not bad, but that line is horrible doublespeak nonsense(which a lot of the low budget studios think is great in trailers...even some of the mid-range guys do it...)

Hey, did I mention there was a naked chick on your blog? I like those.

Andrew Bellware said...

The amount of nudity on my blog has been low lately. I'm doing what I can to punch up the numbers.