Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Stake Land

This is my buddy Jim Mickle's second feature.

I thought his Mulberry Street was pretty brilliant. And I was fortunate enough to get to see a work-in-progress cut of Stake Land (I actually took David Frey as my date -- man, I gotta get out more --). So I'm very excited to see Stake Land in the theater.

Remember, it's all about the first weekend. The picture plays on Friday through Sunday at the IFC in New York and then goes on to a limited theatrical run.


joe said...

this looks very badass - like a deadly serious Zombieland meets The Road - i think i'll come to NYC this weekend to check it out.

Andrew Bellware said...

If you can do the 7:30pm show on Friday we'll go together and then pepper the director with absurd questions!

thomas said...

I read an article about that one in Rue Morgue a month or so back. It was a very good write-up and trailer looks great, too.

Maybe they're limited release will make it to Bama. Heh, right.

DAVID FREY said...

Oh Yeah, you kept trying to hold my hand during the movie, and I kept saying no :) It looks even more awesome then I remember.

Is it playing at the IFC on 6th ave?

Andrew Bellware said...

That's not my hand!

DAVID FREY said...