Thursday, April 28, 2011


Our own Jeff Wills blogged about his experience so far making Android Insurrection. Anything good he has to say about us is of course lies brought on by a slight bout of Stockholm Syndrome. For instance he doesn't recall that he was actually attacked by a giant robot. Hopefully he'll keep those memories repressed.
Furthermore we're taking great delight in exploiting Jeff's skills as an acrobat to make him do fight choreography for us. And we've developed a new carry called the "robot carry" which you use when you need to carry a robot but want to look good while doing it.
Here Jeff Wills acts with a microphone on a boom.  
Please do not hit the robot's head on the door as you run through though.

The problem with Jeff Wills is his unrelenting and smoldering sexuality. You can't avoid it. Just look at the guy. He just oozes sex. It gets all over everything. We have to wash the set down after each take. I have to wear a damp towel over my head because I just get so hot and bothered.

I'll be in my bunk.


Jeff said...

I did wonder what the deal was when you switched the damp towel in for your usual aluminum foil chapeau...

Andrew Bellware said...

The voices in my head they... oh wait, I gotta go.

Unknown said...

I can't wait for this, look at you, all serious and grown up. Your sexi-tude has always been a point of distraction for me. :)