Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Script Savvy?

I got an "invitation" to be a "sponsor" for the Script Savvy Contest. I declined. I'm sort of under the impression that Script Savvy is kind of useless. Basically, writers pay $40 to enter their contest and the carrot for them is that production companies are "sponsoring" the contest. So that means that maybe their script will be read by someone who could make the screenplay they send in into a movie.

It can't be.

Well, honestly InkTip.com seems to work. I've gotten a couple things off of there. But the reality out there is that what we (and by "we" I really mean The Asylum and the like) really need are screenwriters who can turn a screenplay around from logline through a finished draft in about 30 days.

So if you want to be a screenwriter, practice writing screenplays really freakin' fast. And read Save the Cat. Use the Blake Snyder Beat Sheet.

Because what we really need is the ability to come up with a screenplay based on our distributor's needs and we need it very quickly. A contest isn't likely to produce the particular script we happen to need right now.

Katie Hannigan as Mina in Earthkiller.

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