Monday, August 9, 2010

Day 5 (part... c?) of Earthkiller

I gotta remember that we didn't get to scenes 44, 46, and 60 on the fifth day of shooting Earthkiller. Really, I dramatically over-booked that day of shooting.

And I'm exhausted. Luckily we have a relatively tame half-day of shooting and our set is already up and in place.

Here's Nat Cassidy and Alaina Hammond -- they hear creatures, they're not sure where they're coming from.

Alaina Hammond as Therin.

I suspect that we'll be able to get the scenes we didn't get to yesterday on another day -- I bet they really should have been scheduled on another day but I had a wrong idea (when I scheduled) about what sets would be where/when. I probably thought we were going to mostly use the corridor Mike Kessell built for Alien Uprising.

Tom Rowen as Tennyson.

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