Saturday, March 25, 2017

3rd Reshoots

Karin Rosnizek and BJ Burbidge.
 We shot more than 15 pages today. We recorded just over an hour-and-a-half of footage. Today.
The new hotness is the ArtFactory in amazing Paterson, NJ. A hundred bucks a day/person on set. And like what, 100,000 square feet of stages?
Center is Pilar Gonzalez.
Ashlee Mundy with the repo agents.


Kangas said...

15 pages in a day is pretty nutso. Wish I could do 15 a day...right now I'm breaking down a script and trying to figure out how to do 10 a day...with the fx, don't think I can do it...

Andrew Bellware said...

Just don't do it. I've done a 23-page day. In 8 hours. It needs to be all dialog with nobody getting paint or blood or goop or wet in any way. It's a real pain in the tuchus.