Friday, April 15, 2016

Economies of Blurry Costumes Enloudened

The economics of a TV show. (It's not really the economics of a TV show, more general network economics. So. Like that.
Box blur. Is better than directional blur or gaussian blur or fast blur. So says Stu. So say we all.
I just steal all my content from Kevin Kangas.

Scene Sick is a company that makes post-apocalyptic clothes. Like Mad Max-type stuff. Reasonably priced and very sci-fi.
HideAMic is a series of products for putting the Sanken COS11 in clothes. I'm not entirely sure how they work or if they're better than the soft pads with tape on either side, but it's nice to have options.


Kangas said...

That shit freaked me out--I'm like, wtf happened to my blog? For about 2 seconds my brain was short circuiting...

Andrew Bellware said...

The Pandora Machine. Freaking people out since 2001. ;-)