Sunday, June 22, 2014

Wot Next?

I'm going to hang a copy of John August's "How To Write A Scene" in the office tomorrow.
Our editors likely think this is how we shoot our movies.
We have, I think, a complete list of dialog which needs ADR. I am trying to get over myself in that I like to think I can oversee the recording of dialog which does not need to be replaced. It's just not true. Some dialog will have to go and get itself re-recorded. It's just the way it is. There. Am I over it? We'll see.
It certainly does mean we have to schedule our post-production differently. I wish I had a solid clue about how long it takes to edit picture on a feature. The amount of time seems to be really random.
In any case, now in addition to our normal picture-lock, then dialog edit, sound effects, and music, we really have to schedule in ADR and not be ashamed about it.

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Kangas said...

Yeah it's funny I just saved a copy of that scene thing to my hard drive. Some good stuff to remember in there.