Monday, January 6, 2014

Day 13 of Dead Residents

I do wish this picture were more in focus. It's hard to selfie with a DSLR. Virginia Logan makes me look much better.

Steve Deighan fights off a plague of zombies. I'm channeling my... what was that movie? Susperia?
Anne Michele and Vincent Marano play the Goldfinches. I haven't seen Vinnie almost since Theatresource went bust. It was awesome working with him again.
Mary Murphy, Steve Deighan, Vincent Marano, Anne-Michele Abbot, Virginia Logan, Sarah-Doe Osborne, and Matthew Trumbull. The walls are by Marcie Kintish. Lighting by the Marsian Queen. Note that the top of the frame will be chopped off at a 3:1 ratio in this movie.
Big day today. We shot this, our final day of principal photography on Dead Residents from noon until 9pm. Without lunch. I feel a bit jerky-terky about that but everybody just wanted to press on through (and we did have lots of snacks) so we make it sort of a "French hours" day.
We did shoot a boat-load of dialog. We actually had the writer on set! He brought a friend. We had another friend-of-a friend. And we didn't feed anybody!
Dead zombies in the hallway. Dirk Voetberg, Tarantino Smith, Khalid Low, Kate Britton, Steve Niles (the writer for crying out loud!) and Pete Torres (who we made play the robot in a number of scenes.)
Here's a great shot of Khalid showing The Martian Queen's brilliance at making bullet holes.
We also had help from Pete Torres, a buddy of Mozz Mendez who lives here in Jersey City. He became our designated sound department.
Did we shoot our storyboards? Not really. I found a better angle than what I could get from the boards and we shot our way out mostly with that.


Kangas said...

Food? Food? What the hell, people think this is a UNION shoot? :)

We're in this to make ART, people!

Laura, Queen of Mars said...

What a fine-looking crowd.