Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Workstations Anywhere

So my Titanus computer died. It's 14 months or so old. I called Titanus, told 'em it was dead and the guy was like "Well, it's got a 2-year warrantee and it sounds like you just need a new power supply. How about I send you a new power supply? I'll even upgrade it."
Holy cats. Yes.
So I installed the new power supply (they sent it overnight via Amazon) and the computer works fine. If the guys at Titanus saw how sloppy I did the wiring they might be outraged. But it works.
Being without that workstation for a week concerned me though. Made me anxious. Makes me feel like I need another high-end workstation. Maybe I need a heavy-duty laptop?
Robin Kurtz in Earthkiller.

Trying to look further into Adobe Anywhere it seems that it simply isn't practical for a small shop. To which I say "bleh". I would switch over to Premiere in a heartbeat if we could actually use Adobe Anywhere and set up licenses on editors' laptops and suchwise. But we can't. So we don't.
Lastwise, an essay in Forbes about why the DVD isn't going away.  What I should do is write a post titled something like Why the movie business sucks and why it isn't all that bad as a business.

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Kangas said...

I like that article. And personally, I still enjoy owning physical copies with all the extras.