Saturday, June 8, 2013

D-Day in the Machine

Kevin Kangas interviewed about his Kickstarter campaign.
I was going to shoot a short for Rebecca Kush this weekend.
Unfortunately, most of my sound gear is in Allentown at Joe Chapman's studio.
Fortunately, Rebecca had a sound guy all set.
Unfortunately, the sound guy fell through.
Fortunately, I have just barely enough sound gear in order to do the shoot.
Unfortunately we don't have an experienced boom operator.
Fortunately, we ordered the new GH3 camera to show up on Friday.
Unfortunately, UPS tried to deliver before the office was open.
Fortunately, I could drive back into the city in order to pick it up from the UPS service center.
Unfortunately, when I drove through the incredible storm to get there, UPS didn't actually have the camera yet.

So that shoot has been postponed. Sheesh.

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