Monday, February 11, 2013


I'm somewhat enjoying the war between Sound Devices and Zaxcom right now, because sound mixers are winning.
The new Zaxcom MAXX looks very awesome. For only $2195 it gives you a 4-track recorder (records onto CF or SD with a CF adapter.)

Even with multi-camera shoots there are very, very few scenes which require more than 4 tracks. I guess if you're doing wireless on each character and then a boom you might hit your max (ha) track count more often with only 3 tracks available for wireless iso tracks. But if you're just slapping wireless on each of your characters without a boom it's very rare to run more than 4 channels at a time in a feature.
Sure, about once or twice in a feature you get one of those scenes where 9 people talk at different points. And in TV it probably happens fairly often. But for what we do, 4 tracks could really do a whole lot for us.

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