Thursday, January 3, 2013

To Do List

I am doing a poopity job of looking ahead at what movies are coming up and then making sure we have something which can draft off of them. Luckily i09 has a list for me.
Elysium comes out on August 9

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones (August 23) looks very cool but I think it is un-mockbuster-able.
Riddick comes out on September 6th. I think Twohy can do no wrong.
Ender's Game comes out on November 1. This book was unreadable. I can't fathom caring about a child who plays war games and then just as it gets interesting and it turns out his dreams come from the alien race, he wipes them out. So what? How can this be even remotely interesting?
The Prototype looks kind of cool. I don't know if there's enough story to it though.

I'm writing off Oblivion and The Host because those movies are coming too soon for us to do anything about anyway.
Snow Piercer looks cool.
I absolutely hated John Dies at the End. It's not even a hot mess. It's just a mess.


Nat said...

Yeah, I ended up being pretty disappointed in JDATE, too. I loved the book, but the movie really didn't hang together well.

You're so wrong about ENDER'S GAME, though. Even your uninteresting description of it is interesting.

Andrew Bellware said...

You are extra-special wrong about Ender's Game. With a topping of wrongness sauce.
I spent the whole book waiting for something to actually happen. And then when something did happen there was no consequence and it was all over. Sheesh.

Nat said...

Yeah, no consequences except to the main character, his relationships, his outlook on life, and to the entire human race (not to mention the race against which xenocide is committed). Are you sure you didn't just read the novelization of the porn knock-off Rear Ender's Game? 'Cause there was a lot in that which was kinda superfluous.

Andrew Bellware said...

All that stuff happened in the last 15 pages. There was really no reason to go through all the training crap. It's not like he learned anything. He just killed them like he was told to.