Thursday, July 26, 2012

And the Winner Is

We used 99 Designs to make a new logo for Pandora Machine. We got a whole pile of entries.

3. We liked this design. But we didn't like it enough. However the designer offered to sell the design to us for a significant discount after the contest so we went and bought it. It might be too much like a cruise line.
2. This design by W cent has many things going for it. We awarded it a "2nd place" win just because there are elements in it which are very nice. I was afraid that I was prejudiced toward the image because it's clearly a Waterhouse Pandora, which amuses me. 
1. And the winner was from dieslgl. We like how active this design is and how well it will reduce into a little "bug" on the back of a DVD.


Lindsay Stewart said...

the wordmark font in no. 2 is the best. none of the graphics of the actual pandoras are much use. no. 3 looks like she's discoing down with her portable record player. take the second one, remove the silhouette of granny in the o and you've got something. and for the record, i thought no. 1 looked more like a body cream ad than a cruise line.

joe said...

honey badger don't care

Andrew Bellware said...

I do like the wordmark in 2 also. But it won't smallerize as well as 3. In any case, voting is done! ;-)

Andrew Bellware said...

Joe -- honey badger cares. He cares deeply. Passionately. Never underestimate the depth of Honey Badger's heart.

Unknown said...

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