Thursday, February 16, 2012

Ides of February in the Pandora Machine

While trying to finish up Android Insurrection we're also going into pre-pro on The Prometheus Trap. And at the same time we just got masters for Day 2 kicked back at us for audio issues -- although oddly it's not because the M&E's don't match the English mix but rather they just want more Foley and cut sound effects and less music. At least that's what I think they want. We'll see.
We've cast the women in The Prometheus Trap. Rebecca Kush will play the LT, Sarah-Doe Osborne will be Artemis, and Kate Britton will play Trent.
Winona's hair is the inspiration for Artemis' hair in The Prometheus Trap.

Post-Apocalypse Philadelphia is our thing. I don't think they used this in Alien IV.

Via Jonathan Newman, this short called "Archetype" is interesting. Notice the EMP as the big bad weapon (David Ian Lee and Nat Cassidy wrote that into Android Insurrection too).

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