Thursday, November 10, 2011

Cats, Tracks, and Hacks

VooCAT is a motion-tracking package which works with Blender. I haven't tried it. It's only a hundred Euros.
The "non-commercial" version is Voodoo Camera Tracker. But to use it with a modern version of Blender you need this import script (the instructions for installing are here).
My goal with the above paragraph was to bore you until you cried. Did it work?
Do you find that sometimes you want to paste onto a specific track in Final Cut Pro? And FCP doesn't want you to do it the way you do? Here's how to tell FCP what track to paste into.
Allan Mackey reminded us (in the comments below) about Trello. So I'm working in Trello to schedule. I'll tell you how that goes.


Kangas said...

Here's another way to get FCP to paste into a specific track:
1) Uninstall FCP
2) Buy Premiere
3) Click on the track you want it pasted into and hit CTRL V.

Andrew Bellware said...

Actually, I didn't know how to get Premiere to do that. Now I do.