Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Three Things of the Machine

You know what our distributors don't care about? DVD extras. Well, specifically they don't care about 5.1 mixes, or commentary tracks. They maybe care a small amount about a "behind the scenes", especially if you have name talent in the picture, but that's it.
So here I am, setting up my 5.1 system. For what? I dunno. Just 'cause I guess. It sounds pretty nice actually.

The Decline of Indies on Netflix? The decline of indies? How could it get much worse? The best case scenario is selling them sixty copies. So without Netflix that's about $420 you're missing out on. Now if Netflix were to die altogether, maybe Blockbuster would pick back up and we'd get some real revenue once again...
Blender has a camera tracker. Have I mentioned this? It does not look easy to use though. ;-)

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