Saturday, September 3, 2011

Standard Release

In order to make our distributor(s) and buyer(s) happy, we've drawn up this release/certificate of employment for anyone who gets a credit on one of our shows. The purpose of this is to be able to show a nice paperwork trail of the title and everyone or everything that could ever be copyrighted about the work. Weirdly, I have to sign the thing -- and more than once. I need to indemnify 'ganst my being a director, writer, cinematographer, and composer.
So there ya go.
Basically, in order to get credit, we have to have a signed contract. Otherwise our distributor will release a battalion of androids to come over and smack us.


Kangas said...

Yeah, the paperwork is much fun. It is amusing signing a contract with yourself though, ain't it?

Andrew Bellware said...

For some reason I'm perfectly willing to sign a really exploitative and oppressive contract with myself. Over and over again. I just can't learn... ;-)